Master Chef Yvonne

Yvonne’s career started in art design. She transferred her artistic talents to food, earning her a place in Master Chef Italy. She worked with many of the high class, respected restaurateurs in Gallipoli. Yvonne also learned traditional Gallipolian cooking from her mother and grandmother.

Yvonne’s capability in the kitchen earned her a place in Master Chef Italy and her passion for cooking doesn’t waver. We guarantee that you will love the experience of learning how to cook the Gallipolian way under her guidance.

Using fresh ingredients to cook any dish is the secret to success. Yvonne sources the best fish, from the fish market under the bridge in Gallipoli.   Gallipoli is renowned for its black spiky sea urchins, tasty red king prawns, octopus and squid. There’s also an abundance of the more traditional type of fish.

Olive oil is a vital ingredient to many Italian dishes. Yvonne uses oil from her own trees. The olives are used to make extra, extra virgin olive oil in the ‘old fashioned way’. Modern day olive oil is usually mechanically processed, causing high heat and acidity. The lower the acidity, the higher the grade of oil. Yvonne’s oil is made in the following way to keep the acidity as low as possible. The olives are shaken from the trees and collected in nets. They are then ground by stone so the ‘paste’ doesn’t overheat. Currently, this very high  quality oil can’t be purchased but there are plans to offer the oil for sale to discerning guests.

The tomatoes used for passata (basic tomato sauce) are sourced from a family member. As a market gardener, he also supplies Yvonne with the fresh, tasty vegetables in season.

This holiday is about food and fun. A recent article in the Mail on Sunday states that ‘Brits get the taste for foodie holidays’. According to a new survey, the quality of food on offer was a deciding factor for 32 per cent of British travellers when choosing the destination of the next getaway.

Yvonne aims to give you the best possible Italian holiday experience and, although the itinerary is structured, after the morning cooking lesson you will also have the choice of whether to take part in the afternoon tours, relax by the pool or a local beach. You can then look forward to evenings spent in  atmospheric restaurants, serving their own particular specialities.

 “We are really looking forward to welcoming you to beautiful Salento. I will share traditional recipes I learned from my mother and grandmother”  Yvonne

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Master Chef Italy Yvonne
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